Car Body Types Explained

Most of us don’t buy new cars all that often, so it’s no surprise that some people get confused over the descriptions of the variousfbfdj,kj types of cars that are available on the market. Most of the terms used to describe a type of car refer to its body shape, rather than its performance, or other features. If you are thinking of buying a new car, then arm yourself with the facts before you hit the showrooms with this simple and easy to follow guide to the various types of cars and their body shapes.


A sedan, which is sometimes called a saloon, is the standard passenger car that has a bonnet at the front, a boot for luggage in the back, and usually four doors. This is one of the most popular types of car and they are ideal for families, as they usually seat four or five people comfortably.


Hatch-backs are the types of cars that have no rear boot, but they have a rear compartment that can be accessed via a door that swings open at the back. The other feature

Undercarriage Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the most overlooked parts of any vehicle is the undercarriage. While rarely addressed, the undercarriage is an essentialfhm,hg, part of any motor vehicle, from cars to construction equipment. It protects sensitive internal components like the transmission, gears, the underside of the engine, and more from ground debris. However, the undercarriage is even more important for construction equipment, where it protects the internal components from potentially corrosive substances and other material common to construction sites.

It’s important to invest in proper undercarriage protection. The undercarriage should be constructed of rugged, durable material that can withstand the abuse it will undergo. However, there are further steps you can take to prevent damage to the undercarriage and prolong its lifespan.

1. Regular cleaning and maintenance.

The main thing you’ll need is a pressure washer. Undercarriage is exposed to dirt, grime, corrosive chemicals, and more on a regular basis. By washing the undercarriage on a monthly to bimonthly basis, you can remove chemical buildup that may lead to damage later down the line. The pressure washer will be essential for blasting

Autonomous Cars Concepts

An autonomous car is an independent vehicle capable of fulfilling the transportation capabilities of a standard car on its own bygh,mjg, navigating and sensing the environment without any human intervention or input.
They use techniques such as computer vision, lidar, GPS and radar to sense their surroundings. The sensory information is then interpreted using advanced control systems in order to identify appropriate paths for navigation, relevant signals and any obstacles. This implies that they always update their sensory information based on sensory input making them able to detect their positions even when they enter into undocumented areas or even when the conditions change.

The automotive industry is on the brink of a major transformation as various car concepts hits the streets of various cities. The artificial intelligence used by them is changing the relationship between the driver, the car and future transportation. The technology used in these cars shifts the various roles which initially performed by humans to be performed by the car.

From Google self-driving car, Volvo autonomous vehicle, PSA Peugeot-Citroen, LUTZ Pathfinder to the recent unveiled Nissan IDS concepts, and Honda, Apple and General Motors already

How Can Tyres Improve Your Driving

To select the right tyre, it is not ample to follow maker’s references. You also need to take your driving habits and the situation ingdngn which you drive into consideration. You will not pick out the same type of tyre if you mostly use your car for short trips around city as you would if you clock up the miles on highways, or if you drive a sports car or a 4×4. If you have sports car then you should always opt for high performance tyres that will live up to your expectations.

Tyres are continuously changing and improving complete performance while endeavoring to confirm safety and ease for the driver. Wheel and tyre companies are committed to quality in every single product to meet client needs for the top quality products while being economical in the market place. On the topic of tyres for your car, what are the dynamics that improve your driving?

If you drive a light lorry, an SUV, a sports car, a luxury vehicle or a commercial vehicle, there is a tyre for you. There are also season tyres available if you live

How To Choose The Motor Oil for Your Car

Basics of Choosing Motor Oil for Your Carmhfmh,

Choosing the most suitable motor oil for your car is the aspect that should not be disregarded. This is because not all the oil types fit one and the same vehicle and some of them may even affect the way the auto will function. There are a few important questions you need to answer before shopping for the best engine oil brand. These questions concern the type of the vehicle you own, its age, manufacturer’s guidelines and the weather conditions that prevail in your location.

To start with, it is essential to recollect the type of engine oil you have been using before. If you have never inquired about this issue or if this is the first time you have to change the motor oil, then it makes sense to find out what engine oil you used before. Having found that out, analyze how exactly your car functioned when you used the oil. If everything was all right and you didn’t have to fix the engine problems, then you don’t have to look for another motor oil.

The next

The New Automobiles

As a long time Honda owner, I appreciate their solid construction and long life on the road.j,

Of course I would like to see some improvements and I have made a few myself. An easy change would be in the air cleaner from a paper filter to a washable foam filter would save the owner money and provide an improved engine performance. While saving weight by eliminating sound deadening materials is a worthy goal, I think the average consumer would gladly pay the difference to be able to drive in relative quiet. The trend to wider wheel rims seems to ignore the reality that wider rims means a harder ride with little benefit to handling.

In the wishes category, there are a few attainable improvements which would take an appreciable cost and time to develop but could mean considerable improvement. One change would be an A-post of less than 3.5 inch thickness. This would make the pillar virtually invisible, aiding the driver to see ‘through’ the blind spot. Modern strength materials could be used while not impacting the required safety

Steps After You Get In An Accident

Chances are, either you or someone you know has been in a car accident. This can be a trying time, because you are afraid thatgjhmjh someone may have gotten hurt, and are also worried about what is going to happen next. There are key steps you have to follow when in a car accident. These steps will allow you to make sure that your insurance company can help you as much as possible, while also protecting yourself by making sure you have a perfect account of what happened.

1. Pull Off the Road and Stay At the Scene

If possible, you should get off the road and away from traffic, so you make it safe for yourself and other drivers. Make sure you stay at the scene. If there are injuries to the other driver and you leave, you may get charged with a hit and run.

2. Make Sure Everyone is OK

After you get your car to a safe location, check yourself and anyone else in your car for injuries. If no one is seriously injured, put your hazard lights on and get out

Factors to Consider When Buying Tractor Parts

Technical advancement and use of machinery have changed the face of farming. Mechanization of manual processes not onlyvnmnb improves the productivity but quality as well. Useful machines like tractor perform a plethora of activities making the life of farmers simple and hassle-free. A tractor brings power, perfection and precision to the work. It is sturdy and rugged. However, excessive usage and wear and tear cause damage to the internal mechanism. Maintenance of tractor parts is costly and time-consuming. Also, it causes a direct productivity loss. Hence, it is important that it is kept in order.

Nowadays, people prefer maintenance contract for tractors because it is cost-friendly. It offers economic viability and you are relieved from the trouble of searching a new service center now and then. Since replacement parts are costly, AMC can be a good solution if the tractor is old.

There are some critical aspects when you search for tractor parts

As mentioned earlier, a tractor is the lifeline for your business. Hence, replacement parts should also be of equally good quality. Farm vehicles need high power, stability, and pressure so that they can carry

A Brief Overview Of Tire Balance

Many people around the world experience that their car shakes while they are driving. Some people say that balancing tires is theh,mjg,jg solution to this problem. Whereas others say that lining up the front end of the car is the solution. This misunderstanding of the situation could lead to the selection of the wrong choice. These two are completely different ailments related to four wheel drive suspension.

In order to balance a tire you require to place weights containing zinc and lead to each plane of the rim. Rims are available in different varieties so diverse weight applications are required for them. The most commonly used weight applications are pound on inside and outside weights to top dead center of both planes. In case of a fancier rim, weights containing stickpins are fitted by utilizing laser on the outer plane-where. Too thick weight should not be used as it can rip off the brake caliper. That is the reason why mostly quarter ounce weights are used. Static balance is used for tires which require a lot of weight IE mud-terrain tires. This technique is used moderately.

The greatest

Significance Of Latest Automotive Technology

The last few decades have seen the advent of technology in all the spheres of life. The automotive industry is no exception. Thegkhgkh vehicles have changed tremendously over the past decade. Vehicle manufacturers are always on the look out for new innovations to win over the customer segment. But are these new additions beneficial for a driver? The main purpose of this article is to discuss the pros and cons of the latest automotive technology:

Safety- With respect to safety, the enhanced technology has only complicated matters. In the good old days, the vehicles were not known for their speed. With the improvement in technology, the speed of vehicles has increased. But it has also lead to large number of fatalities in accidents, though technologies like shock absorbers and racing suspensions have been added to the vehicles for making driving safer and easier. Seat belt safety which became popular in the 1980’s, has certainly reduced the number of accidents. Enhancing the strength of cars is another strategy which has been adopted by various automobile producing companies.

Power Steering- In terms of power steering, the cars have certainly improved.

How Safety Lights Assures Protection To Your Vehicle

Vehicle safety lights are visual warning lights outfitted to the vehicle. These help in instances where the driver wants tojg,jg, communicate to others on the road about the urgency of their journey. These lights act an additional warning of a danger when still, or during situations where the police wants the driver to halt for interaction.

Choosing safety light for your vehicle

Cars require appropriate emergency lights for safety purpose. This incorporates taillight, headlight, grill or dash light, and flashing systems, among others. These lights help the person to drive safely on the road and at the same time, protect others from any unwanted danger. People rarely pay attention to taillights of their vehicles as compared to the headlights. However, taillights are equally important for the vehicle’s safety and you must replace the damaged tail light or replace fused bulbs without any delay.

Notably, vehicle safety lights keep you as well as your car safe from any uncanny road situation while driving. These lights comprise a significant part of your vehicle as they guaranty protection through visibility even during adverse weather conditions. Be it heavy rain, foggy

How Would You Make Your Car Your Own

A car is so much more than just a mode of transportation. It is a status symbol, a holistic representation of one’s wealth andjljhl sometimes, just a spur of the moment splurge to experience some high octane rush. When that happens to be the case, why wouldn’t you want to set your car apart from the hundreds of others that prowl the streets each day? There are a number of ways you can do this, but we will discuss car stickers, decals and generic signs now.

Bumper stickers and the like

A popular feature on many cars are bumper stickers. These stickers could comprise of popular sayings, random puns or even serve as a sneak peek into one’s expansive travels. A lot of curios stores and souvenir shops sell bumper stickers to those hoping to make a bold statement about the places they’ve visited.

However, customized bumper stickers could also be used to help the owner identify his vehicle. Sometimes, bumper stickers also call to attention one’s driving schools with an open invitation to call a particular number in case of rash or unruly driving.


All You Need to Know About Wheel and Tire Safety

Your entire car performance depends on how well the four wheels handle the road. Many people often focus on enginejgklb maintenance and forget all about the wheels that the car rides on.

Wheel and tire performance is very important for your safety when driving. The following are some important factors to keep in mind:

Check your tire pressure

Depending on how often you drive your car, you may need to check your tire pressure at least once a week. Getting the right tire pressure prolongs the lifespan of the tires, enhances safety and makes your vehicle more economical in fuel usage. Your tire lifespan may reduce by up to 75% even when you are operating at 80% tire pressure.

You can tell there is a pressure problem when the tires start wearing out faster on the outer edges. Tire blowouts often occur when the tire is under inflated since there is not enough air to hold up the weight of the vehicle. The sidewalls of the tires end up getting flexing beyond their limit and blow out. If you are driving at a high speed, you

An Overview of Electric Cars Benefits and Efficiency

Electric Cars are by far the cars of the future. The electric car has gained popularity amongst individuals of different calibres, asjvljkvbkl people are more interested in fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly cars. For this reason, car manufacturers have shifted their creations to Electric Cars. It comes in all sorts of sizes and shapes.

Environmentally Friendly

Urban areas have been recently engulfed by the pungent smelling carbon emissions from the combustion of the motor vehicles’ engines. This has led to global warming and untimely climatic changes being experienced worldwide. Researchers are therefore urging commuters to use more eco-friendly methods of transportation and this is where electric cars come in handy as they don’t consume any gas. The energy used to push it is derived from electricity and can be collected from any electric producing source. This is done by plugging the vehicle’s battery to the electricity source with enough voltage and gets charged, ready to go! It produces no emissions, thus totally no pollution and in addition cost cutting.

Energy Efficient and Cost Effective

With the oil prices

How to Handle the Race Suspension Tuning of Your Vehicle

Intelligent handling of a car is extremely important to ensure its good functioning over a long period of time. Generally, there arevuklb;l7 two important factors in the handling of a vehicle over-steer and under-steer. In over-steer, tires installed in the rear of the vehicle lose friction first rather than the front tires. In such cases, the rear of the car is considered loose. In such instances the vehicle slips to the other side while turning.

There is also difficulty in handling the vehicle when it is close to the extremity of control. Under-steer is the other major denominator. This phenomenon is also known as tight or push. In this case the front wheels of the vehicle come first in terms of losing friction in comparison to the rear wheels. In this situation it is difficult to turn the vehicle while driving.

The main objective of car suspension tuning is to place the vehicle in neutral mode. Both the above stated modes can be harmful for the vehicle. In the neutral mode, it is easier to control the vehicle. By using the throttle you can turn anywhere you want.

Is the Steering of Your Car Working As It Should

Sometimes people worry that there is something wrong with the steering of their car.gfjfgjfg

Of course, a problem with your steering could be serious or fatal if left unattended. However, the good news is that in many cases symptoms are more commonly associated with other causes rather than problematic steering systems.

Unless you are an expert motor mechanic, you should always get potential steering problems diagnosed and remedied (or your mind put at rest) by a qualified garage.

Don’t put that off and if you need transport desperately, rent a limo or car rather than risk driving a vehicle you are uncertain of.

Vibrations through the steering column and steering wheel

A very common cause of this comes from tyres and wheels that are unbalanced. Typically the faster you are travelling, the more pronounced the vibrations might become.

Your vehicle is pulling to the right or left when driving

A key question to ask here is whether or not the problem is consistent. Sometimes a camber in the road will cause your vehicle to try and ‘drift’ to the right or left and

Learning To Drive A Car The Professional Way

Learning to drive a car is no more a luxury; it is more of a necessity. This has led to the rise of many driving schools with peoplegdngngn flooding in to learn how to drive a car. Many others however prefer learning to drive all by themselves or aided by their friends or relatives. This is not a trusted method of learning because your friend may not know all the rules of driving themselves. He might not even teach you methodically. Driving has to be learnt properly and in a methodical manner which can be achieved by going to a driving school. It is just not enough to be passionate about driving you also need to be responsible as a lot of lives as well as your own are solely in the driver’s hands. A small fault of yours can lead to sire consequences.

If you are very confident about your friend’s knowledge and teaching skills then you may learn to drive supervised by your friend however it is vital that you have a few points in mind.

Things to remember when learning to drive on your own.

These Breathtaking Sedans Guarantee a Comfortable Driving Experience

Car manufacturers are making varied products to suit the luxury comfort of their buyers. The demand of automobiles hasydfhyfvj increased with the easy availability of auto loans, encouraging vehicle manufacturers to experiment more, to lure their clients. Those who wish to buy a car that is spacious and has separate compartments for engine, passengers, & for cargo, may select a sedan.

We list below the top 5 sedans of the country:

Honda Amaze: This good-looking sedan is based on the Brio hatchback platform. It is the first diesel offering of the automobile giant. Though, it is also available in a petrol version. The diesel variant comes with a 5-speed manual transmission and is powered by a turbocharged 1.5-litre I-DTEC oil burner that churns 100 PS of power at 3600 RPM & 200 Nm of peak torque at 1750 RPM. The petrol variant, on the other hand has a 5-speed automatic transmission option too. It is equipped with a refined 1.2-litre I-VTEC mill that produces 88 PS of power and 109 Nm of peak torque.

Hyundai Xcent: This compact sedan is based on the Grand i10 platform. Its

Things To Know About Safety Equipment Used On Vehicles

If I name some of the most popular pieces of public safety equipment, the warning lights, siren speakers, push bumpers and grillehmnjhmhm lights of different types will come to mind. With the increasing rising risks for first responders, the need for these essential items is critical. There is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of police, fire fighters, and EMS for the safety of the public.

These products are used constantly; all having and meeting the same purpose, public safety. The light and sound systems used by the police and other first responders are a type of safety equipment.

Public safety radio and speakers

All through the hours of an emergency or patrolling, the police are largely dependent on their vehicle’s flashing lights, emergency radio systems, sirens, and speakers. These devices are made to comply with and act perfectly during their emergency operations.

Though these devices are often left un-maintained, neglected, and taken for granted, but they indeed are an important utility that should be taken well care of. If these systems would not work properly, first responders and those they serve could be imperiled.

How To Choose Quality Buses For Sale

In the business sector buses are used for transporting workers to and from the workplace, transporting workers between different nhm hfnmffacilities within the company, showing clients around and transporting them to factory sites and events. This means of transportation is not only very practical and economical but very efficient as well. Even in the education sector buses are used for transporting students to and from schools and universities. In the tourism sector buses are integral to transfers between airports and hotels and sightseeing.

Clearly, vehicle acquisition is one of the more important decisions you need to make. And so, you may need to choose between buying a new and used buses for sale. When done right, acquiring new and used buses in Japan could help you save money without sacrificing the quality and performance your business requires.

You can choose from a diverse selection of buses such as full size coaches, shuttle buses, bus type motorhomes, mini buses and even school buses. You also have access to top bus manufacturers to see what model suits you best.

One smart way to start your vehicle acquisition is to